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Starcom Foods is the foods trading and distribution division within our Group, which was set up with an aim to add new dimension to our existing commodity trading business.

The Division has been set up as an international trader and distributor of tree nuts, dried fruits, food ingredients, chocolate and other related products.

Starcom Foods is headquartered in Singapore. The Company has presence in Australia, India, France, Ukraine and Lebanon, and operates throughout Europe, India, Middle East and North Africa. Through these wide-spread well-established connections and efficient supply chain management, we strive to become successful global trading partner for all our Clients.

We have partnered with Aalst Chocolate Pte Ltd, a Singapore based manufacturer of premium chocolate products, to market and distribute chocolate products exclusively for the Indian market.

Starcom Foods trade in a diverse range of products which complements each other and operates with the highest level of integrity, reliability, and service.

Starcom Foods current product portfolio includes:


  • Almonds (US, Australia, Spain)
  • Pistachio (All origins)
  • Hazelnuts (Turkey, Georgia)
  • Cashew (India, Vietnam, Indonesia)
  • Walnuts (Ukraine)
  • Macadamia (Australia, South Africa)
  • Raisins (All origins)



  • Dark, milk, white chocolates, compounds and pastes
  • Chocolate for baked goods – enrobing, filling and spread, soft set coating, quick set coating, inclusions, pate a glacer
  • Chocolate for confectionery – enrobing, moulding, panning, spinning, fillings, flavoured compounds
  • Chocolate for ice cream – dipping/coating, cone spraying, inclusions/toppings
  • Semi-Finished Products – cocoa powder, mass and butter

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