Amber Agro manages farming and crops services business of Starcom Group. At the moment the company operates two farms and grain storage / service facility located in Ukraine. The total farming land under control is approximately 6,000 hectares and expanding.

The Group’s agricultural assets are located in Southern Ukraine close to major export ports of Mykolayiv (Nikolayev), Odessa and Yuzhnyy.

The main storage base is located strategically within 5 km of Yuzhnyy port. The port is one of the largest in the Black Sea and has a draft of 14-15.5 meters. It handles over 22 million MT of cargo every year. In addition to Yuzhnyy, the base can access the terminals at Odessa (30 km West), which handles over 23 million MT, and Mykolayiv (Nikolayev) (90 km East), which handles 10 million MT of cargo.

Since 2011 our farms had gradually switched from Soviet-era style farming to more progressive techniques – precise farming and minimum tillage cropping / conservation farming system. The switch resulted in higher than regional average yields of all crops.

In 2015, we harvested more than 11,000 MT of wheat, 3,000 MT of sunflower and 1000 MT of other crops.

The crop services business owns and operates grain storage and processing facilities:

  • 15,000 MT of flat storage
  • Grain cleaning facility of 100 MT/hour and a grain dryer of 16.8 MT/hour
  • Quality control laboratory

At Amber Agro, our primary goal is to operate a sustainable grain production, storage, cleaning, drying and containerisation business; achieving superior long term returns while effectively managing risks.

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